Authentic Brazilian Jiu JItsu experience for all levels

Why Train BJJ

Dubbed as the grandfather of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will teach you how to fight and win fights on the ground using submissions. But more importantly, expect to see an improvement in almost all aspect of your life after training in brazilian jiu jitsu.

Why Choose Lowen BJJ

We are a small group of people from Bandung, Indonesia with a deep passion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our head instructor have almost 20 years of experience teaching martial arts, from small class of 6-12 year olds to military spec-ops. Choosing Lowen BJJ means that you are investing in your martial arts training in the safest and most effective way possible.

We are also proudly affiliated with one of the best figure in BJJ and MMA. Professor Tom Deblass is a BJJ black belt under Ricardo Almeida, with a wealth of experience competing both in BJJ and MMA. He is one of the best BJJ athletes & trainer of the last decade. He is also responsible in teaching Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan, better known as the Danaher Death Squad in the grappling world. We are truly grateful to be able a part of the family

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“I rather bleed in training than die at the battlefield”

– Generic Martial Arts Quote